Diaphragm Hand Pump / DP 100

Diaphragm Hand Pump / DP 100

The DP 100 Diaphragm Hand pump is a simple and low cost solution for continuous, high flow and occasional pumping duties. It is an ideal choice during load shedding as also field operations where electric or pneumatic power is not available. Being portable and trolley mounted, it can be easily used in many locations.


Flow Rate: up to 65 Litres/min
Construction: Aluminium LM 6/ SS/Plastic
Inlet :1 1/4 inches
Outlet: 1 inch

Important Features:

• High Capacity
• Low maintenance
• Portable -  trolley Mounted
• handles all types of Liquids and Slurries



• Emptying and filling of Barrels tanks
• Emptying and filling of tankers
• Pumping to height / long horizontal distances
• Emergency stand-by duty





Chemical Industry

 Dry Industry

Paints Industries

Inks Industry

Rubber Industry

 Pharmaceutical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

 Marine Industry

Textile Industry


 Electroplating Industry

Oil Industry

Vegetable oil Industry

 Paper Industry

Beverage Industry

Food Processing Industry


 Many Other

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